Board Game Meet Up

Norwich Lanes

Date(s) - 25/11/2021
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Games Table
Lower Goat Lane

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Every Thursday night we host an evening of board games.
Come with friends or by yourself and meet some new people.
With almost 350 games in our library it will take you awhile to run out of games to try!
Our usual table fees will apply. This is a turn up and get involved type of event, no need to book a space at present.
Additional Restrictions due to Covid will be in place:
Rule of Six – Group sizes will be a maximum of six people. (For this event we will group people into groups of four and that will be your group for the evening)
Face Masks – Face Masks are to be worn when moving about within the premises. If at a table (and with food and drink) you may remove your mask. Please confirm with your group members beforehand, that they are happy for this to happen.
Quarantining of Games – All of our Board Games from our library will be quarantined for three days once they have been played with. Don’t worry, we have almost 350 different ones so we have plenty of games to be played.
Air Circulation system on Strong Mode đź’Ş– Our air circulation system was installed last year, it has the capability of extracting up to 800 litres of air every second! We will have this on high; ensuring the freshest of air that we can.
Space – for those that have visited us before, you’ll know that we don’t cram people in, even at the best of times. With everything that’s going on (we don’t want anymore lockdowns either) we will be reducing our capacity even further.
Screens – We will have a number of Perspex screens available to tables. Some of these will be fixed in place and others can be requested. If you’d like that extra bit of security, just let us know.
Keeping it Clean – we will be cleaning tables regularly and contactless hand sanitiser stations are in place throughout the venue
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