Brix & Bones

Tucked away in the Gonzo’s Tearoom building amidst flame and steel, you will find Brix and Bones.

Featuring an open kitchen, with custom-made, charcoal and wood burning grill, boasting a spacious two metres of cooking space. Surrounded by four dry aging fridges, customers will be able to choose from aged cuts of meat, in-house prepared charcuterie, pickles and ferments – while watching their dinner be prepared and cooked in the theatre-style open kitchen.

A true passion project, the unique 30-seater restaurant uses fire to take cooking back to its ancestral roots. Offering a seasonal menu that embraces eclectic and bold flavours inspired by George’s world travels, the focus is on quality of food and quality of experience. This includes sourcing from the UK and Norfolk’s best sustainable and organic produce, supporting local breeders and small businesses, while also foraging ingredients to curate an exclusive dining experience all year round. Mixologists will assist the gastronomic half of the restaurant, to ensure each dish is complemented by carefully paired wines and cocktails.
Brix and Bones is now open to make a reservation.

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Brix & Bones, 68 London Street, Norwich, NR2 1JT

Opening Hours

Wednesday 6pm – 11pm, Thursday – Saturday 5pm – 11pm


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