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Behind the scenes with photographer, model and green screen at FXhome
imerge video software on a computer screen

Based in Norwich, FXhome develops the tools to help over 4 million creatives worldwide explore every corner of their imaginations without limitation.  FXhome’s key product ranges span the video and photo industries, with leading tech such as HitFilm Pro and Imerge Pro. They also have millions of users of their free editing, VFX and compositing software, HitFilm Express.

FXhome is a keen local employer who has taken on developers, marketers and designers out of the UEA and NUA graduation pool, as well as being a key supporter of dev/technology in the local community. The community of users they have built over the years are risk takers, ground breakers and dreamers who are just starting out on their creative journey, and many have gone on to start their own creative projects or secure roles in the VFX industry.

FXhome is also part of AccessVFX, a company dedicated to promoting diversity and equality within the Visual Effects industry. 

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FXhome Limited, Suite 4, St Giles House, 27 St Giles Street, Norwich, NR2 1JN

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