Stiffkey Bathrooms

Stiffkey Bathrooms are specialist dealers in French and English antique baths and antique bathroom furniture, with more than 25 years experience in high- quality hand restoration and enamelling

Over the years, Stiffkey Bathrooms have been featured in numerous magazines and worked with high-profile interior designers to recreate vintage bathrooms at stately homes, hotels and other historic buildings. They have also advised on antique bathrooms for film and television shoots and suppled many items for hire.

An item of antique sanitary-ware, such as a vintage bath, will provide elegant bathing for many years and can also be seen as an investment – unlike fibreglass copies, antiques maintain their value. While an antique’s surface may deteriorate over the years, the cast iron or porcelain beneath will last indefinitely and the piece can always be reconditioned to give another lease of life.

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Stiffkey Bathrooms, 89 Upper Saint Giles, Norwich, NR2 1AB

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm


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