No Norwich Lanes Summer Fayre in 2024

The Norwich Lanes Association (NLA) has just announced that there will be no Norwich Lanes Summer Fayre in 2024, due to a clash with the European Championship Final (Euros).

This much-loved event traditionally takes place on the second day of the city’s Lord Mayor’s Weekend. Unfortunately that day – Sunday 14th July – is the same day as the European Championship Final. It’s a game which, on present form, England realistically could be involved. 

The NLA has explored moving the fayre to a different weekend but the additional costs and prior commitments of key personnel, has rendered this idea impossible. 

A spokesperson for the NLA said, “Obviously it’s a real shame that there won’t be a fayre this year but due to the circumstances, it would be unwise to go ahead. The Lanes Summer Fayre has skipped a few years over the last decade and a half, and has always returned – bigger and better than ever before. Here’s to many more.”

There will of course be plenty of smaller outdoor events in the Lanes throughout the summer months. Keep an eye on the What’s On section of the Lanes website or on our social media channels for up-to-date information on all. 

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